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Sugar Bekkie

Love and Sorrow:

Annual Meeting:

We think in our prayers of the family of uncle Hannes Du Bruyn who passed away in Silwer Akker. He was a resident of Silwer Akker for 8 years.  We pray for the Lord's comfort for the family.  We also think of every resident who is currently struggling with ill health, pain and discomfort and we pray that the Lord will grant you mercy and bring you healing. ask that the Lord will answer our prayers and give us peace.  

Thank you for a good annual meeting.


Congratulations to the newly elected hvb board: Marthie Greyling, Adrie Snyman, Irene Banister, Rev. Cobus Rossouw, Wesley Robertson, Ignatius Snyman.

Many thanks to everyone who completed the evaluation and for your positive input and feedback.  In any business, the services and levels of functioning must be tested in order to improve service delivery._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Due to good planning and support from the community, we were prepared when the water dried up. general.  Thanks to Marthie Van Eck, Madelein Streicher, the Beauraine's, Lena Fourie and Oom Lourens Greyling who helped with the water.  Also a big thanks to Ray, Deo, Petrus, Gesond and Bryan who drove the water on to make it easier for the residents. Always try to keep 5lt of fresh water in your home as a precaution.

Evaluation of services:

water crisis:

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other activities:

#Mondays and Thursdays 14:00 – Jukskei – Contact Corie Greyling ( 0783177720)

#Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 in the hall - Exercises at R50 per person per month (you pay  R50 at Marthie Greyling)

#Tuesdays 10:00 - Bible study

#Tuesdays 13:30 – Choir Practices – contact Elsa Van Niekerk (0836544769)

# Every 2nd Thursday Movie – All welcome

#Fridays 10:00 alternates with services and speakers or activities - free and everyone is welcome


If there is a passage in the Bible that we as Christians should read today more than ever, it is the third chapter of James with the biting condemnation of the tongue and the evil speaker.  The tongue says; "He is the fire, a world of iniquity... and is kindled from hell" (verse 6). Churches have been destroyed, homes ruined, lives scorched, Christian work broken down and friendships destroyed by the tongue of the evil talker!!. It is unfortunately one of the deadliest sins that prevails today.  This horrible evil is found in every Christian community.  And the tragedy of it is that the evil one work is usually done before the real facts come to light. I think a lie can be halfway around the world, before the truth puts on its shoes. 


One who robs another of his good name steals from another that which cannot enrich him, but leaves him extremely poor. " Good advice I can give to such a person is:" Take a black hen, pluck out all her feathers and scatter them on every corner of a street!.  If all this done, that same person must go back and collect all the feathers again!.  But at last they will not be able to do it because the wind has already blown the feathers away again!. In this way, you will never be able to compensate for the damage that your stories have caused.


If you look for fault in someone, you will surely find it. to misinterpret, because your own eye and heart are fragile, and then to spread the poison of your own judgment with a malicious tongue without first ascertaining whether it is indeed the truth._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Before one slanders someone, one should first ask oneself; 1. Is it true? 2. Is it necessary? 3. Is it friendly?. Then there will be less stories going around and more love and unity among us.  We all stand on the platform and wait for the train, which will then take us to our eternal destination. I agree with this: Ps34:14 "To enjoy the good, he must refrain his tongue from speaking evil, and his lips from lying, stay away from evil and do what is good, seek peace and pursue it" Dear residents of Suikerbos- Retirement Resort, let's join hands and walk the path that our heavenly Father expects of us!

 Submitted by Natalie Botha (resident of Suikerbosoord)


Sugar beckie Greetings

the dangerous tongue

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